Postpartum OCD: Overcoming Scary Intrusive Thoughts
Postpartum OCD affects an estimated 1-3% of new moms. While it is rarer than some other PMADs, it is categorized by the World Health Organization as one of the top ten most debilitating mental health disorders. That's why we sat down with Jenna Overbaugh of NOCD to break down postpartum OCD, guide you through seeking a diagnosis, receiving treatment, and coping with your new normal. Jenna is a licensed therapist, a teacher, a fitness enthusiast, and perhaps most important of all, a mother. She has been working with people who have OCD for over a decade, but she also experienced her own struggles with postpartum OCD, anxiety, and depression too. Jenna is also the founder and host of the All The Hard Things podcast, a wonderful resource for OCD and mental wellness! You can listen to it on iTunes or anywhere else you get your podcasts.
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